cancer · grief

Yes Think, Certainly Pray, but Also DO!

It’s been eight years since Ben was diagnosed with cancer. Much of that time has become hazy in my recollection. Sleepless nights combined with fear and grief has blurred those days into a giant blob of yuck in my mind.

But what I do remember is crystal clear.

I remember every single person who ever stepped foot in his hospital room to visit us.

I remember every kind soul who knocked on our door with a meal.

I’ll never forget even those who took the time to mail a card.

Some people went above and beyond, like my husband’s co-worker who made us meals every week for months, or his cousin who made projects of eBaying memorabilia and sent us the proceeds, she did that for years. And she made it sound like we did her a favor by giving her such a fun and rewarding project.

The doers.

No matter how small or big, I remember the doers.

I know that many people prayed for us. I know that time was not wasted, that praying is valuable, precious even.

But the ones who took the next step and took the initiative to be a part of the answer to the prayers, they’re the ones God is using.

I have always been a procrastinator. I have stellar intentons and mediocre follow through, so I have let that ship sail more than once.

But follow through matters.

Follow through can be as simple as a text or email or as creative as making beaucoup bucks on eBay and sending it off in the mail.

It needn’t be a burden if you lack time or resources.

But if you really want someone to know that their suffering matters, take the next step. Think or pray, then do.


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