9 Random Observations About Moving 

After a relocation process of over three months, our family is now settling in at our new house…our dream home. 

It’s been a happy process for us, set in motion by a promotion for my husband.  We anticipated many of the changes, though a few managed to blindside us.  But it’s the day to day details that stymie and delight us most. Such as:

  1. It is actually fun to clean a new (to me) house. I’m certain it won’t last, though. 
  2. Shopping at a new grocery store is terribly disorienting, especially when you’re hangry. 
  3. No matter how much you love your new home and yard, you will be compelled to change things to make it your own. 
  4. Having all new places to run will both thrill and discombobulate you, especially when you know exactly how far every possible run in every possible direction from your house is. 
  5. Cleaning and showering with different water changes everything. (Hair!)
  6. All family members (dogs included) will have emotions to process in their own time frame.  
  7. There will be many wrong turns because you have no idea where you’re going. (I just call it exploring and roll with it.)
  8. Figuring out new light switches. 
  9. We walk about an extra mile a day around the house trying to remember where we  stowed things.

It’s been over 15 years since I’ve moved, so this is a whole different ballgame for me. We’re still in the state where we’ve always lived, but an area we haven’t previously explored.  Change is exciting…and disorienting, but for me, mostly a whole new adventure! 


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