Am I The Only Mom Who Doesn’t Dig Mother’s Day?

I like the idea of Mother’s Day enough, I guess.  It seems like a grand plan to set a day aside to recognize the matriarch of the family, but on this, my 19th Mother’s Day as a mom I’m coming out to say I just don’t give a hoot about it. 

For starters I’m completely uncomfortable with any special recognition as a general rule. It makes me queasy. But if I don’t get it on a day set aside for it, well that’s yucky too. 

And I hate the pressure. I want to recognize my own mom, but what do you get for a woman with distinctive tastes who has had over 70 years to obtain anything she might fancy?  The usual hanging flower basket, or should we mix it up with a Starbucks gift card this year?

Here’s the thing, I know I’m kind of a badass, and while I enjoy occasional kudos, I prefer the impromptu type over obligatory.  So save the love for the day to day moments of good and bad. It’s a lot more meaningful to get a spontaneous hug and “thanks mom” than a cheesy card with a photo of still life flowers. 

But I can get behind a family brunch with some tasty treats, so I’m focusing my efforts there.  Because anything that promotes consumption of chocolate is a movement I can support.  


3 thoughts on “Am I The Only Mom Who Doesn’t Dig Mother’s Day?

  1. Oh yeah, I’m digging the chocolate too! I agree that there’s a lot of marketing and commercialization that goes into mother’s day. But hey, for some moms, it’s the only day of the year they hear from their children or receive any accolades. You seem to be confident enough that you don’t need that special day. You know you are loved and you know you are a bad a$$. Bravo!


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