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Learning To Be A Joyful Papaya

Every now and again I forget what I’m doing here, and get trapped in the comparison game.  I don’t know whether we’re apples or oranges, or more likely something more exotic like a papaya, but I did it again, I got caught up in comparing us to others like apples to apples. 

It starts so innocently. Yesterday was a gloomy, rainy Saturday with no plans, so I took the time to scroll through Facebook with my coffee. I read complaints about kids getting up early, but the hour this person considered “early” seemed laughable when I had been up for almost 3 hours before that.  It just kept going, gripe after gripe about problems that seem like lofty goals to me.  

I confess, I got caught up in it.  My mind was churning, I felt huffy and flustered and my “woe is me” soundtrack started playing on repeat. I knew I should quit, but there’s a certain delicious self-indulgence that comes with a pity party, and it sucked me in like quicksand. 

Comparison is the thief of joy, and before I knew it I was dissatisfied with everything. 

For me, choosing joy means remembering that when comparing our lives to others it’s best to just remember that we’re papayas. 

We aren’t apples, we have some commonalities with apples, but comparisons with apple families will fail to satisfy.   In order to choose joy daily, I must let go of the temptation of wishing I could make pies and cider and applesauce, because it’s never going to work.  Papayas might not be as versatile as apples, but they’re beautiful, delicious, and worthy and valuable. 

I’m making a choice today. Instead of trying to squeeze my papaya family into an apple mold, I will celebrate all things papaya. I might hanker for a crisp now and then, but  that papaya sorbet will satisfy too. 

Our family is different, just plain different.  Instead of clinging to an ill-fated longing for normalcy, I’ll stop asking our papaya tree for apples and focus on making the most of our papayas, and in so doing I will choose joy every day. 


4 thoughts on “Learning To Be A Joyful Papaya

  1. PLEASE share this on my link up today!!! I love all of this. I love the Nouwen quote and your take on the “apples and oranges” idea and I feel it too. I so feel it too.


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