Beautiful people with Down syndrome 

Today is 3-21. This day has been designated “World Down Syndrome Day”, because people with Down syndrome have 3 copies, instead of the typical 2 copies, of the 21st chromosome. 

How would one recognize this day?  For me, it’s all about showing people who aren’t acquainted with anyone with Down syndrome just how beautiful, wonderful and treasured they are with photos and comments. 

Elias is a favorite phototograpghy subject of his sister Alicia. He is always quick to smile and his smile could light a room!

Daniel recently became an uncle. He is sweet and gentle with his new niece, and so proud of his new role!

This was taken at the GR Public Museum. This is a portrait of Jenna, who from Day One has been on a first name basis with Joy.

Emery is a sweet, sassy, stubborn and most lovable 7 year old. My life has changed more in the last 7 years then I could ever imagine, and I wouldn’t trade it for ANYTHING. ❤

Ben lives life at turbo speed. He is fully present in every moment!

Alex loves holidays and dressing up. He wants to be a Conservation Officer like his dad, and he is the most sincere person I know. 

What a day to celebrate people with “a little something extra”!  Please join me in celebrating these beautiful lives. 


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