For the People who Wish Moms were More Real

Sometimes I see posts on social media about how we shouldn’t just show our good side off, that we need to be real. So whoever it was that shared those posts, this is for you. 

  • I’ve been in my pj’s since 6:17pm. 
  • I fed my kids leftovers for dinner. 
  • My husband called while working out of town and said he had to get off the phone because he was pulling into the restaurant where he was going to have supper. 
  • I hung up quickly to avoid saying something trite. 
  • I said it anyway, and double checked that the phone had disconnected first. 
  • I should be getting Ben’s meds ready right now but I felt like farting around instead. 
  • I yelled at Ben for melting down while I fixed his drawer because I was “too loud”, even though earlier today my ears felt funny and a noise was driving me batty and I empathized with his auditory sensitivity and promised myself I’d be more compassionate about it. 
  • The boys and I have all been staring at electronics for far longer than is good for any of us. 
  • I feel guilty about most of the above. 
  • Now there’s a puppy on my lap, so I’m not moving any time soon. 
  • I think I’m the only mom in the world who loves daylight savings time, and it’s because Ben now gets up at 5-something instead of 4-something. 
  • A day like today happens more often than I care to admit. 
  • I’m admitting it anyway and hoping that the people who say they want real life aren’t just saying it and don’t throw me too much shade. 

3 thoughts on “For the People who Wish Moms were More Real

  1. When my husband calls when he’s out of town and eating at restaurants and swimming in hotel pools, I get so jealous! I know he works all day and has to deal with travel hassles, but still ….


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