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9 Ways that Alex Lives a Simple, Beautiful Life

Mike and I often wonder what goes on in Alex’s head (in a good way).  Alex very obviously experiences the world differently from the rest of us, and when I observe him, I wish I had a pair of goggles that would permit me to see things from his perspective. 
Lacking the capacity for that, I decided to intently watch and listen, to see if I could, perhaps, gain some insight. This is what I gleaned:

  1. People are the most important. Alex never takes his loved ones for granted. 
  2. He doesn’t interrupt. Ever. Maybe he’s simply more patient, but I suspect this goes back to #1. People matter to him so he wants to hear us out. 
  3. While he values his inner circle, he doesn’t allow the opinion of outsiders stop him from pursuing his passions or doing what he believes in his heart he must. 
  4. His word is his bond. He won’t tell you yes if he means no or maybe, his yes means yes, and his no means no. 
  5. He has a temper, but all it takes for him to get over it is a little giggle. He never, ever holds grudges. 
  6. Dancing and singing are a daily part of his life. If you happen to see him leaping, turning and two-stepping down the street, pay no mind, his walk has simply turned into a Disney parade. 
  7. The only thing he’s ashamed of is when he hurts others, which is always unintentional. 
  8. He has serious navigational skills. I think he got Hannah’s share. 
  9. Love wins, and he knows it. 

I tend to value philosophy, deep thinking and insight, and sometimes overlook simple wisdom. Thankfully I have a living reminder of what is really important and good in this world, because so often I forget. 


One thought on “9 Ways that Alex Lives a Simple, Beautiful Life

  1. This post makes my heart sing. I love that you took time to observe him. I know your world frustrating many a day…still…its never lacking in love, dedication and commitment to the beautiful family you have. I would love to meet you all some day! ❤

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