8 Reasons Dogs Make The Best Friends For Introverts


I am deeply introverted. Like I have never once gotten to the point where I felt like I spent too much time alone and maybe it was time to socialize. Like, no matter how much I like or love you, I will have second thoughts about going out. Like, if you gave me a tiny cabin in the middle of nowhere with woods nearby, I might think it was heaven. 

I could wile away endless hours alone, well, as long as my dogs are there. 

Dogs are highly social animals, so why would I be able to tolerate so much together time with them?

  1. No small talk. Ever. 
  2. They’re hilarious. I laugh my head off at my dogs endlessly, which is a mood lifter. 
  3. We can go hours with no interaction. 
  4. They’re never upset with me. As many introverts are, I’m a highly sensitive person. I avoid conflict and disharmony whenever possible, and my dogs never create any negativity. 
  5. They don’t watch TV or use electronics, so they create little noise pollution. 
  6. Their soft, supple warmth fills my soul. 
  7. They wait patiently for me. (Even when I’m in the bathroom).
  8. They can’t eat chocolate, so my stash is safe!



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