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This Has to Be One of the Best Parts of Parenting

I often feel as if I was custom-made for special needs parenting.  I have to admit that with Ben I have many times been entirely out of my league, but between my husband and me and our small but mighty cadre of wise counsel, we somehow manage to figure things out, though I must confess that we all too often take the scenic route to get there.

Every great once in a while, though, we get to this oasis.  Although we often see a mirage and hope for oasis, these oasis are few and far between.  Arriving there is my absolute favorite.

In the oasis, we get to make use of everything we have learned along the way, on those dry and dreary days in the desert with no end in sight.  In the oasis, our primary responsiblity is seeing where our child is going and giving them momentum.

And that’s what the best parts of parenting are all about.

Today, right now, we are in an oasis.  In this oasis we use fun and silliness to give positive feedback and reinforce good things.  Instead of dwelling for long days in problem solving mode, the focus is on success and building upon it.  The current challenge is to give impetus to what is going well rather than correct what is going poorly.

I don’t know how long we will be in an oasis.  It could implode before I click “publish” for all I know.  But here we are, in my the best part of parenting, and I’m relishing it for as long as I can.

I just hope this one lasts…


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