What in the World Am I Supposed to do with This Snow Day?

I think this is snow day number 5 or 6 for this school year, I’m not sure, it’s hard to keep track. I have to admit I’m torn between safety and schedule.  With my daughter driving now I am certainly relieved when she’s home in bed rather than out in the snow and ice, but at the same time, we’re all so discombobulated it’s hard to keep track of what day it is.

Alex got up and showered this morning and was getting dressed when we found out about his cancellation.  Hannah’s school called for a 2 hour delay, and Ben’s was still wide open.  I had an 8 am appointment, so Mike and I were verbally juggling all the duties this would throw into chaos.

Next thing we know Ben gets a 2 hour delay, Hannah gets closed, and then last but not least, Ben closed for the day.

Good grief, a series of 5 phone notifications as well as me calling the bus garage and texting drivers.

Not to mention the second day in a row of me rearranging my whole schedule.

I was a few steps beyond flustered this morning with all the kerfuffle, then I saw this on one of my friend’s Facebook timeline.

It happened Tuesday.  It didn’t make the news outlets, but it happened in my county.

Two days in a row of inconvenience and frustration.  This morning was a 2 hour, non-stop series of annoying events, but my kids are safe.  Their bus is in the garage rather than rolled over, and frankly, I might be better off not driving to my 8 am appointment today anyway.



3 thoughts on “What in the World Am I Supposed to do with This Snow Day?

  1. The weather is unusually awful up here too and as much as I find it irritating I think that shutting down the schools is the safest option when traveling gets scary. Glad you are all safe!


  2. I am always glad for snow days. Last year, my kids got dropped off by their brother on a snow day accidentally when they waited too long to decide to cancel! The bus picture should definitely be a wake up call to the schedule lovers who hate snow days.


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