6 Ridiculous Small Dog Owner Antics I Swore I’d Never Do

Prior to Meg, I never had a small dog. I’ve done my share of laughing and eye rolling at other small dog owners over the years, but now it appears I’m the butt of my own joke.  In the 3 months since she came home, I’ve already done almost all the things I’ve found silly when others do them. Like these:

  1. I swore I’d never dress a dog. Dogs have fur, they don’t need clothes. I had obviously never held a shivering 8.1 pound doxie whose belly rubs the snow before. 
  2. I never actually swore I’d never do it, but I would never have believed I’d snowblow a potty spot in my back yard.  I shiver just watching her trying to find a spot to squat. How could I make her potty in snow that’s over her head?!
  3. Put a bell on her collar. It started out so we wouldn’t step on her, but it’s darn cute, like the darn cutest thing ever. Especially when she scampers. Have I mention how adorable scampering is?  If I’d have known about that scampering was the most joyful mode of movement ever I would have gotten a small dog decades ago!  Alas, even though she’s big enough not to need it now, Meg has a bell. 
  4. Constantly post photos to social media. Ah, who am I kidding, I do that with Abbi too!  
  5. Take her with me to everyone’s house. After all, everyone needs to meet my darling angel, right?  And she’s so portable! 

I swear I won’t let her become an annoying yapper, that is absolutely verboten, and at least I don’t have a stroller or dog carrier for her…yet. 


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