special needs parenting

Why Yes, We DID get our Flu Shots

Yep. We sure did. We got our flu shots because:

  • Ben is immune compromised 
  • We haven’t had influenza since 2009 (we had it in August, before shots were available).
  • They don’t make you sick. 
  • They don’t shed. 
  • I get pneumonia or bronchitis easily 
  • My neurologist says that the flu shot is safer than the flu for someone who has had Guillain-Barré Syndrome 
  • Ain’t nobody got time for this:

And so much more. 

But really it boils down to Ben. 

My boy who can get a good bout of pneumonia in July. 

My boy who is on antibiotics years round because otherwise he has sinus infections more often than not, and twice the infection has gone into his mastoid process (the bone behind his ear). 

My boy whose own immune system doesn’t process immunizations properly, so he needs others to get them do he won’t be exposed. 

My boy who is overdue for a year without a hospitalization. 

Yep. We all suck it up and get poked for Ben. But I really don’t mind not getting influenza either. 


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