5 Reasons I Love To Dress Up For My Husband 

Not every day, but fairly frequently, I throw on a flirty dress just to wear around the house. When I do, I style my hair, and dab on a bit of makeup, just for an audience of one. My husband. It’s been my habit for some time to do some special preening from time to time, just for him. 

I don’t know if other women do this, but it’s a habit that reinforces itself. Here’s why:

  1.  When I take the time to look flirty, I feel flirty and playful. I’ve been with the same man for a couple of decades now, so building in some playfulness goes a long way toward keeping things fresh.
  2. I’m often tired. Who isn’t, really? Today is a day that I’m riding out a snow day in sweats and bed head, and it does nothing for my self-image. But those days when I brighten up my face, spruce my hair and throw on something flattering, I feel better about myself.  And when I feel sassy, it carries over to my demeanor and everything else I do, including interacting with my husband. 
  3. My husband has still got it. Yeah, his hair is on the sparse side, and more gray than brown these days, but he’s avoided the dad-bod, and still has some serious swagger. The fact that he still has my eye makes me all the more eager to keep his. 
  4. It lifts me out of my circumstances. There’s a lot of unglamorous work involved in parenting, especially with special needs added in. It would be so easy to leave myself in the back seat and not bother with my appearance. I am convinced that having a few days a week out of yoga pants and put together helps me feel and even be more together.  I like to think of myself as a professional parent, and dressing with pride enhances that self image. 
  5. My husband responds. He likes it, and it shows. 

Maybe it’s silly, or trite, but for us, it works. It’s a little secret of a marriage that’s successful for the long run. It’s not rocket science or a sure fire marriage fixer, but just one little tool in a marriage toolbox that in my has been beneficial both short and long term. And it’s fun. 


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