‘Twas The Day After Thanksgiving 

‘Twas the day after Thanksgiving, when all through my feed

People lined up to shop whether for savings or greed. 

The damned elves have appeared and I still don’t get it,

I know I should get over it, but still tend to fret it. 

I’m still full of turkey and pies galore, 

Yet in my gluttony I keep eating more and more. 

Tomorrow the tree will go up, my puppy to destroy,

To her it becomes one giant doggy toy. 

Family gatherings are fun, we all get along,

No political discussions among our throng. 

Football games are the focus tomorrow,

I hope and pray that it won’t end with sorrow. 

Next week I will run, I’ve many calories to burn,

But the kids have a long weekend and I must wait my turn. 

If you’re reading this nonsense I send you my love,

You’re one of my people; a gift from above. 

Now I’ll sign off, rhymes aren’t my best game,

I realize this whole effort is terribly lame. 

Many blessings for the holiday and the new year to come, 

If you get them aplenty be sure to share some!


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