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You Know You’re A Parent of a Special Needs Child When…

It’s not that any one of these things doesn’t apply to our typical counterparts, it’s like the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual), when a certain number of items apply, you meet criteria for diagnosis. 

  1. Your recent calls consist entirely of doctors and teachers. 
  2. You commonly use so much medical or educational (or both) jargon that your friends can’t always keep up. 
  3. You feel like you continuously educate people about your child. 
  4. You can manage doctor appointments and school meetings like a boss. 
  5. You alternate between feeling like you need a superhero cape and like you just need a hot bath and a nap. 
  6. You’ve spent hours on the phone with your insurance company advocating for coverage. 
  7. You could have honorary degrees in several fields. 
  8. People wonder how you do it all when in reality you know there’s no way you could not do it. 
  9. Sometimes you’re lonely beyond words. 
  10. Sometimes those parents on similar paths are the light and air you need to make it through the day. 
  11. The only thing that keeps you focused is the boundless love you have for your child. 
  12. You would do all of the above, all day, every day, for that sweet child of yours. 

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