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The Incredible Depth and Breadth of Our Village

This week my mom gave us respite by taking Ben. My husband and I planned and brainstormed over challenges, I fielded phone calls from a couple of different specialists, we brought Ben to get blood drawn twice, and will do so again before the week is out, I’ve emailed and met with teachers while my husband held down the home front, I’ve touched base with bus drivers and aids, and I’m sure I’ve forgotten a bit.

The phrase, “it takes a village” is never more true than when special needs are involved, and the more complex the special needs, the greater the depth and breadth of the village.

I paused this afternoon, astounded by our incredible village.  From the ladies in the Facebook groups and family group texts; to the vast number of specialists, medical assistants, nurses, pharmacists and techs that tend to Ben’s intricate physical frailties; to the teachers, parapros and administrators at the schools and the bus staff that get them there; and so very much more.  We have a complex web of people who come together to meet the needs of our children from moment to moment, every single day of our lives.

This afternoon it hit me, I caught a glimpse of how lost we would be without this village of people who contribute their wisdom, their learning, their compassion, their strength, their skill, their education, their love, and so very much more, to us.  And I am humbled.

The enormity of my gratitude is beyond any words I could type. I’m dumbfounded with the gravity of our dependence upon those who have become our village, our people, and ever so thankful for each and every one of you.




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