Buh Bye Delores

Every time I look at a photo of myself or even in a mirror lately, I feel yucky. I’ve been growing my hair out and struggling with gray (which I have in generous distribution).  I’ve stuck it out, but I’m over it.  

I think I was the resemblance I caught to Delores Umbridge yesterday that finished me off. I was terrified, truth be told. 

I’m a low key bohemian. I buy almost all second hand clothing and experiment with different looks, by and large pulling off everything from classic to sassy to flirty. Literally anything but frumpy.

I’m in excellent physical condition and have (so far) been blessed with smooth skin. So why have I been letting my hair get in my way. 
I feel best with edgy, short cuts, and I have a new style picked out. Consider this my before. 

Today color, tomorrow cut. Catch you on the flip side. 


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