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Standing up and Speaking out

I discovered it in middle school speech class, my love for speaking out about things that matter. I pursued my passion by taking every possible speech related class. One of my highest aspirations was becoming a motivational speaker. 

This aspiration became my job when I became and advocate for children in foster care who were lingering, waiting for families. I loved nothing more than stepping up in front of a congregation on a Sunday morning and moving the whole crowd with my words of passion on behalf of the waiting children.  Then my role changed, and I left the job, dissatisfied. 

Since then I’ve bounced around and been unsatisfied. Until I started writing. 

I have found my voice again, but in the written word. I never considered becoming a writer until a podcast I listened to challenged me to think of what my ultimate dream of success would be. When I outlined my dream, I realized that it was twofold. First would be encouraging other parents who were on similar paths to mine, and second was to be a voice about the disabilities that impact us and our resilience. 

It’s been almost a year since I made that first step, and decided to write a book. Since then I started blogging and have turned writing into somewhat of a vocation. I’m just beginning to make a little money on it here and there, but in other ways I’m gaining traction. 

Every time a parent contacts me after reading something I’ve written, my soul soars!  Indeed, the fact that my words have impacted people walking similar paths brings me incredible delight. Not only that but little by little opportunities arise for me to do more and more in my newly chosen vocation. 

I was recently told by someone I greatly admire that I’m too hard on myself and to hold space for myself in the same way I do for others. It came as part of a pep talk with a small side of scolding.  So I’m here to say that in my own little corner of the world I’m making a difference.  I say this not to brag, but as a deeply satisfied person whose life purpose is expanding. 


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