Hot Damn! There’s a Mute Button for the Real World!

Feast your eyes on this!

Can you imagine the possibilities?!

Husband snoring?  Mute him!

Noisy neighbors, mute them!

Need to concentrate while your SO watches television, mute the TV!

Kids having a slumber party, mute them!

Noisy love making in the hotel room next to yours or the pitter patter of feet in the room upstairs?

Children calling your name for the 6,479,063 time today?  Singing “This is the Song that Never Ends” while making armpit farts?  

One coworker is a loud-talker and another listening to Rush Limbaugh?

I seriously could go on and on and on.  Can you imagine the possibilities?  There is no end to the list. I could spend every minute I so desire in sweet silence. I might never get ornery again!

Where do I get one of these, there is no such thing as too expensive!


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