This Dirty Game

Ah, fall. The crisp, cool air. Michigan apples and children in school (have I mentioned lately how thrilled I am that my kids are in school?!). And along with all of that comes hunting season. 

As the wife of an avid hunter, one might think I dread this season. 

One would be wrong. 

You see, the protracted absence of my husband grants me time with my other lover. 

It was just a matter of time. How can a woman spend so much time on her own without it happening eventually. He should have known.  He lead me right into it, really. 

This tempestuous affair of mine is with another who has been in my life as long as I can remember. Every time I get the itch, he scratches it for me. This love has been destined for my whole life. 

His name?  Solitude. 

On a run with “the other man”.

He’s there for me whenever I need him. He fills me up, we can spend hours and days together and never get bored. It’s a match made in heaven. 

I think my husband suspects something, a flirtation maybe, but I’m certain he’s clueless as to the extent of this romance.  

Alas, I cannot live without either of my darlings, so I walk the thin line between the two. I confess, when I’m with one I dream of the other, no matter which beau has my attention. My heart is torn, I cannot choose. 

I’ll continue this game, probably my whole married life.  This dirty, dirty game. 


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