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Hearing Those Words 

The words you never expect to hear. The words nobody should ever hear. Hearing those words changes everything. 


It was New Years Eve, the day that we went from being everyone else to being a Childhood Cancer Family. 

That was the day those words changed everything. 

We had wondered if he had leukemia. We had mentioned it in hushed tones because it was too awful to be spoken aloud. As if speaking it aloud would usher it into reality. 

The words went from possible to might to does. Childhood cancer entered our world and still occupies space here. Leukemia became daily household vernacular. We learned the language of blood counts and chemotherapies that are everyone’s second language in the land of Hematology/Oncology. 

There’s a poem called “Welcome to Holland” that is often used as an analogy for finding out your child has special needs, but there’s no poem for finding out that your child has cancer.

It changes everything. Forever. 


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