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A Product Review, Clif Bloks


My husband likes Clif Bloks, so at my last trip to the running store, I picked up several packages in different options for him.  For this review, I will be specifically referencing the Black Cherry Chews.

Upon my arrival at home, dear Ben grabbed the bag and upon seeing “candy” in the bag, he distrubuted one pack to Alex, and kept one for himself.  The pack he gave to Alex was Black Cherry with +50mg caffiene.  My husband and I were looking through our race packets for the race the next day (which was the Lake Michigan RTS, a great race), and we didn’t notice that Ben had brought the Clif Bloks to Alex until Alex had decimated the package.

Alex is sedentary, to a fault, so imagine our alarm when we asked him to get Hannah for supper and he hopped up, and bounced on both feet like a bunny all the way through the house, down and then up the stairs, and continued hopping until he sat down to eat.  We took him out for a walk/jog after dinner, to burn off the buzz, and low and behold, he won the race to the finish, and resumed hopping around the house. He bounced and giggled, and fidgeted and ran like there was no tomorrow.  I have not seen the likes of this before or since.

Therefore, I give this product 5 out of 5 stars.  If a simple chew can get my lazy bones kid hopping around like a bunny on steroids, then I consider it premium product.


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