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IT Bandit

If you’re a runner my guess is that this arsenal looks familiar. It takes a battery of weapons to keep our joints, bones and muscles in top shape. 

My “Achilles heel” so to speak, is my IT band, and believe me when I tell you I have tried every bit of hocus pocus around to keep that ornery mass of tissue quiet. And, in my anecdotal experience, the only thing that’s truly helpful is the kinesio tape, and that has it’s limits.  I happen to have Gumby-esque flexibility, and even my efforts in self contortion have left me wanting. 

As it turns out, my husband has the same problem, but isn’t too keen on shaving his legs to get the kinesio tape to stick. So he asked his doctor (who happens to be a long distance runner), and I asked my PT. The answer we got from both was that stretching the notorious IT band is an exercise in futility. My PT recommend continued use of Kinesio tape, but my hubs’ doctor took it one further. He gave a recommendation I have yet to see elsewhere (which is why I’m sharing).  

He told him to strengthen his lower abs. 

We both do core work and have a matching set of six packs to prove it, so the hubs asked what in particular to do. 

Side planks. 

The muscles between the illeac crests is where the money is, and side planks are an ideal way to work them, with side leg lifts as a close second. 

The AHA moment couldn’t have rung louder. I had an emergency c-section for which the cut went illeac crest to illeac crest in order to get my son out of his wonky position. I have no strength or tone there as a result. 

I’m trying not to get carried away, (not that I get carried away with things) and working on those lower abs, with a smile of course. 

(Photography courtesy of Alex)

(This one included because if I think it’s funny and figure the world could use a laugh or two at my expense)

I’ll keep you posted on the efficacy of my new plan. 


2 thoughts on “IT Bandit

  1. I also had issues with my IT band for years. After months of physical therapy, it was decided that I needed to strengthen my core and my butt! After months of planks and bridges coupled with a lot of stretching and rolling after runs, I have been injury free for 18 months. Good luck to you.


  2. I had knee surgery last December (ACL repair AND meniscus repair) and in PT I also was plagued with IT band woes. My therapist suggested a device she had seen at a conference and I bought it. Highly recommend it.
    Designed by runners. Check it out.


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