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A Fourth of July Work in Progress

Fireworks.  Yeah, we still don’t dig fireworks.

10 pm:  Mosey down to the end of the street to watch local fireworks from a distance.

10:12:  Blankets lain out, silliness and giggles commence.

10:15:  Ben’s getting bored.

10:16:  I hand Ben a flashlight to entertain him.

10:17:  I have been blinded by flashlight shone directly into my eyes 4 times.

10:19:  Ben is bored again.

10:20:  Ben wants to leave.  I start pushing him toward home in his wheelchair.

10:21:  Ben realizes the rest of our party isn’t in accompaniment, and flips his lid.

10:22:  Ben decides to stay.

10:24:  Neighbors commence a mini fireworks show behind us.  Ben flips his lid.

10:25:  Official fireworks begin, I attempt ear muffs and distractions.

10:26:  Ben screams in utter terror, totally undistractable.

10:27:  We leave for real, I try pulling Ben backward up the street hoping he gets some enjoyment from the fireworks.

10:28:  I acquiesce to the total fireworks flop.

10:40:  Arrive home, close all windows in the house to muffle sounds.  Abbi runs through the house wondering why all the gunshots and no birds.

10:41:  Ben asks to go back out to the fireworks.  Flips his lid when I say “No”.

10:45:  The rest of our crew returns because Alex decided he was tired.

10:56:  All children tucked in with fans muffling fireworks sounds.  Abbi gives up in birds, and I acknowledge that we’re a step or two better than last year and sigh.


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