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Choosing Battles 

Today is June 30. It’s a beautiful summer day and my boy put on a stocking cap to go to therapy. I wanted to stop him because you don’t wear a stocking cap in the summer, right? 

But I paused before saying anything. Ben already had to do half a dozen things he didn’t want to before breakfast, and it’s a 70something day today, not a 90something day. So I offered his baseball caps, but no, he wanted this hat, and I let it go. 

If I say no, I keep my no until the bitter end. I make sure my no means no, so I think twice before saying it. 

As it turns out, Ben took the hat off once we got to the office, and we avoided an unnecessary meltdown, which is my true bottom line for each day. 

But it also pays to remember that his little mind works differently and he doesn’t have the language skills to express why he chose that hat, for all I know it might have been quite important to him.  So a stocking cap in summer it is, and a good start to therapy too. 


2 thoughts on “Choosing Battles 

  1. Hello there –
    I read your story recently about someone taking a picture of your car with running
    stickers while parked in a handicap spot. It was very well written and I’m glad I came across it. I liked enjoyed reading it and I also really liked your run happy sticker on your car. I work for Brooks and I am based in Nashville, TN. When you have the chance would you please send me an email with your story. I would love to hear more about your running and your family. Thank you so much and keep running happy 🙂

    Drew Jones
    email – drew.jones@brooksrunning.com


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