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Learning Japanese…or not

After lunch Alex sat down at my brand new laptop and started going to town. I was intrigued, and decided to watch. 

He clicked on Chrome, and away he went, Googling Skylanders. He does this in order to discover any characters he doesn’t have for his Wii collection and write them down to make a shopping list. As such it’s pretty decent summer homework, and something I don’t have to push him to do, so I rolled with it. 

A few minutes later I noticed him leaning close to the screen and asked if there was a problem. He told me he couldn’t see, which puzzled me, so I walked over to expand the screen. After fiddling with it for a few minutes I noticed it was in what I could guess is Japanese. 

From there I fixed the problem, and he continued on, then I saw his list: 

So, I’m counting this as foreign language lessons for the summer and calling it a day. 


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