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Failing Summer

This is what my kids look like after 15 minutes at the park. Fifteen minutes. 

We met Ben’s class for their last day of school picnic at the park, it sounded like a perfect outing to blow the stink off after a couple of weeks of illness, a brief outing on a comfortable summer day. Not too  much strain for Ben’s still recovering body. 

Only Ben ran out of steam and now he’s limping again on the month old foot injury and back in his boot after complaining that his heel hurts. 

And then there was the meltdown on the ride home for reasons I have yet to ascertain. 

I want so badly to make those idyllic memories that summer is famous for. I so long to go do fun things and not come home exhausted and flustered. I try so hard, and 9 times out of 10 we return home a hot mess. 

I see other families having summer fun, making memories and loving life and while I am sure there’s a “grass is always greener” element, I can’t shake the feeling that it should be better than this. 

I want my kids to enjoy outings, I try to think of everything, but we just crash and burn. 

The good news is we only have 9 weeks to go…


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