You Know You Want To See Me on a Magazine

I’ve done it before and dropped the ball before I really got into the running, but this time, one last time (I promise), I am shooting for the cover of Runner’s World Magazine. 

If you’re looking for more back story, check out this other post for the dirty deets. 

This is about more than getting on the cover of a magazine, (though that would be cool), this is about exposure for Guillain-barré Syndrome, and for inspiring people to keep trying even when it’s hard.

It’s maybe easier for me, I have a natural tendency toward resilience and tenacity, so I can’t imagine not doing everything in my power to get back to strength and vitality. But that doesn’t come naturally to everyone, so if my story impacts one person who otherwise might find it too hard to keep trying, then it’s all worthwhile.

So vote, share, repeat, for the next 52 days. Because you’re awesome like that.


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