Tech Bliss 

So often I hear people bemoaning technology, saying we’re losing touch with each other because we’re always checking our phones. I too am quick to be annoyed when someone forgoes self control and courtesy, continuing a phone conversation while checking out at a store, or ignoring the person right in front of them to check a text. 

But really, is that a technology problem or an individual problem?  Would the person being rude with their devices not also be rude without the device?  I feel that we throw the baby out with the bath water when we blame technology for bad behavior. 

As I jump into writing this memoir, I’m not a full time author who can sit at a computer and type for a few hours a day. I have a busy family, a job, and a house that hasn’t started cleaning itself, despite my heartiest wishes.  

I write when I can. If I was tied to a computer to write my time would be severely limited, and my book would take years to complete. But with the use of Google docs I can throw down a paragraph or page no matter where I am. If I think of a detail to add to a chapter I can write it in while I wait outside the school for a kid. If I have an idea while lying in bed I can grab my tablet and jot it down so I don’t lose it by morning.  The result is freedom, and that means this mom can write a book. 

Yes, I know I’m late to the party, Google docs has been around for awhile, but the love is real.   You can go ahead and lament technology, or run around with your phone constantly in your hand. I’ll reject either extreme.  Instead you will find me striving to make the best use I can of the tools at hand. I’m sure to slip toward excess from time to time, but it’s a risk I’m willing to take. I have a book to write, doggone it, and I am flat out excited to author a book from my phone. 


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